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About WhaleLend

WhaleLend is a crypto-lending platform based in Finland. It helps to automatically lend crypto to margin and short traders and receive interest payouts on a daily basis. Bitcoin and a collection of popular alts can be staked.

Crypto Interest Provider WhaleLend
TypeLending bot service
Earning Start: Immediately after deposit
Guarantee Period: No guarantee
Payed As: Same currency as deposit
Payout Interval: Daily
Compounded: Yes
Lock-up Period7 - 30 Days
ProcedureCrypto is sent to provider. Provider sends crypto in the next step to exchanges for lending to margin/short traders. A bot is used for this purpose.
Service: 50% of all earned interest. Already deducted from the displayed interest rate.
Deposit: For deposits < 1000 USD. Please check provider site for details.
Withdrawal: Depends on amount withdrawn. Please check provider site for details.
CompanyOperating since 2018. Registered in Finland.
Currencies offered by WhaleLend
ETP (Metaverse ETP) 87.50% 1
ETC (Ethereum Classic) 11.08% 1
EUR (Euro) 7.42% 1
USD (US Dollar) 6.55% 1
USDT (Tether) 6.14% 1
DASH (Dash) 3.12% 1
ZRX (0x) 2.57% 1
XMR (Monero) 2.56% 1
ZEC (Zcash) 2.54% 1
XRP (Ripple) 1.72% 1
NEO (NEO) 1.70% 1
BCH (Bitcoin Cash) 1.69% 1
LTC (Litecoin) 1.50% 1
BTG (Bitcoin Gold) 1.41% 1
ETH (Ethereum) 0.90% 1
EDO (Eidoo) 0.61% 1
SAN (Santiment Network Token) 0.54% 1
BTC (Bitcoin) 0.37% 1
BSV (Bitcoin SV) 0.13% 1
OMG (OmiseGO) 0.13% 1
EOS (EOS) 0.10% 1
MIOTA (IOTA) 0.00% 1
1: Real APR may vary. Service fees are already deducted.
2: Better rates available under specific conditions.