Earn Interest on USDT (Tether)

Lock-up Variable
8.76% 1
Nexo 8.00% 1
Celsius Network 7.25% + 1, 2
Crypto.com 6.00% + 1, 2
1: Real APY may vary. Service fees are already deducted.
2: Better rates available under specific conditions.
Average APY per Day

About Tether

Tether is a stable coin whose cryptocoins in circulation are backed by an equivalent amount of traditional fiat currencies, like the dollar, the euro or the Japanese yen, which are held in a designated bank account. Tether tokens, the native tokens of the Tether network, trade under the USDT symbol. Tether was specifically designed to build the necessary bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies and offer stability, transparency and minimal transaction charges to users.