Our Rates On Your Website

Add fresh content to your site!

Would you like to add fresh content to your website and show our top rates? Great! Just add our widget to your site and you are set.

That's how the widget would look like. Width, number of displayed currencies and light/dark theme can be customized. It can be added as a Wordpress plugin or manually.

Wordpress Installation

If you run a Wordpress website, it's really straightforward: just install our WordPress plugin and you are set!

1. Go to the Admin dashboard and open the "plugins" section. Click on "Add new" at the top and enter "cryptocurrency interest rates" in the input "Search plugins...". Our plugin will be shown below.

2. Click on "Install now" in the box of our plugin and activate the plugin after the installation.

3. Please open now the "Appearance/Widgets" section. You will find there the widget "Cryptocurrency Interest Rates". Just drag it to the right side to the desired position.

Manual Installation

Adding the widget manually is also pretty easy. Just add the code below to your site.

<div style="width:280px; border:1px solid grey; background-color:white;"><div style="height:293px;"><iframe src="widget-sub/widget.html" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0" border="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="margin:0px; padding:0px;"></iframe></div><div style="padding:2px 10px 2px 10px; line-height:20px; font-size:12px; font-family:'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, sans-serif; text-align:left; background-color:black; color:white; text-decoration:none;">Powered by <a href="/" target="_blank" style="color:white;">EarnCryptoInterest.com</a></div></div>

If you want to change the width, just change the width value of the first "div". If you like, you can customize the widget. Pass "count" with the values 3 - 10 (default is 5) to the widget to define how many currencies are shown. Pass "dark" for the parameter "theme" (default is "light"), if you want to use a dark theme. See an example below.

<iframe src="widget-sub/widget-count-7-theme-dark.html">

If you have got any questions, please send an email to contact at domain.