Compound Details

About Compound

Compound is a money-market protocol that runs on the ethereum blockchain. It let crypto owners lend out coins they are not using to suitors who have a need for crypto, creating a market for unutilized virtual currency. The Compound protocol matches interest-rate streams rather than people, which means once a coin is supplied it becomes a fungible resource. This allows users to withdraw their coins whenever they like.

Crypto Interest Provider Compound
TypeDecentralized lending service
Earning Start: Immediately after deposit
Guarantee Period: No guarantee
Payed As: Same currency as deposit
Payout Interval: Every 15 seconds (Ethereum blockchain blocktime)
Compounded: Yes
Lock-up PeriodNo Lock-up. Can be withdrawn anytime.
ProcedureCrypto is sent to the compound smart contract via the compound user interface. Crypto is lent to borrower by smart contract.
Service: 10% of all earned interest. Already deducted from the displayed APR.
CompanyOperating since 2018. Registered in United States.
Currencies offered by Compound
DAI (Dai) 10.56% 1
USDC (USD Coin) 5.65% 1
ZRX (0x) 0.31% 1
BAT (Basic Attention Token) 0.19% 1
WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) 0.11% 1
REP (Augur) 0.02% 1
ETH (Ethereum) 0.01% 1
1: Real APR may vary. Service fees are already deducted.
2: Better rates available under specific conditions.