Earn Interest on YFI (yearn.finance)

US only
1.7% 1 2.6%
Compound / DeFi 1.3% 1 1.5%
Aave / DeFi 0.0% 1 1.2%
1: Real APY may vary. Service fees are already deducted.
2: Better rates available under specific conditions.
Average APY per Day

About yearn.finance

yearn.finance (YFI) is the governance token of the DeFi aggregator with the same name. YFI tokens are distributed to yearn.finance liquidity providers. Tokens deposited to yearn.finance earn interest on the DeFi markets Aave, Compound, dYdX and bZx. Yearn.finance tries to optimize the earned yield by swapping between the DeFi markets which offer the highest yield.