Earn Interest on ZEN (Horizen)

Staked/DeFi 14.31% 1
1: Real APR may vary. Service fees are already deducted.
2: Better rates available under specific conditions.
Average APR per Day

About Horizen

Horizen (ZEN) - formerly Zencash - is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency with a blockchain platform that provides privacy and anonymity for its users. It was created to provide a peer-to-peer economic system for money, media, and messaging. With the goal of ensuring full privacy, anonymity, and safety of its users, Horizen uses the following protocols: zk-SNARKS, TLS integration, domain fronting, distributed publishing, client-to-node encryption, and end-to-end encryption. These technologies allow users to select the desired level of transparency for their digital assets, communications, and publications.

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